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Are you able to store the LTR standing upright? Looking for some extra space in the garage!
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Same here...leaks a little bit with the shorty..but besides that I'm good...

Oh yea...anyone know how to get that yellow stain that the gas leaves off the plastic?...Right before a show I'm pissed... :angry:
Only thing I know would be to try a touch of brake cleaner on it Junk. Don't hose the plastic down with it as your plastic will dull, but a small dull area is better than a yellow one.......
Toothpaste has grit in it and would be good for pulling dirt out of scratches in plastic.........

Simple green is good for doing about the same and just a good general cleaning of the plastics, but I've never got either to work for pulling yellowing out of white. Brake cleaner seems to usually do the trick and with some heavy coats of armor all, you can get the shininess back as well.'s not too bad but I'm anal like that... :(
If you are "anal", then why do you spill gas on the tank cover?? :p J/P man :scoot:

It is tough, but I try to find a good gas can that doesn't leak on my skins while dumping the fuel.
........ ya ninny...
Ahhh.. now I'm the fool.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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