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Steering Stabilizer

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I am looking into a steering stabilizer. So far I know that Gibson, Elka, and Percision have theres out.. I am willing to fork out $300 for the most high quality one I can get for that price.. I seen Jason Dunkleburger running a duel setup of ohlins stabilizers on his YFZ and I was wondering if I could get the same set up as that? I can see how it would be good incase one blows out in the middle of your moto and it would also be more ajustable corrrect? Or would it be better to just keep saving up my pennies and get the percision stabilizer with all the ajustabilty in the one set up. I dont know if I am ready to fork out 5 hundred for such a little part though haha. Is it worth it? Do you think that the elka will be a better set up? Do you think I should just spend my money on one of the bar types? I am running district races and getting really beat up in the rough parts of the track.. What do you guys think?
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If your going to spend $300.00 fork out another $150 for a Precision.

Make sure you have enough room in your lines because that GPR is going to raise you at least an inch. That's why I don't get one, but I think they look sweet :)
I could build you a custom -1 stem ........ then you would be good.

1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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