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Steering Stabalizers

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OK i need your opinions again. You helped alot with the power commander. What kind of steering stabalizers do you use and why???
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The rotary styled stabilizers like the Precision are well worth the extra cash if you can dish it out (about 485 I believe retail). The performance from these stabilizers is second to none.

I run a denton stabilizer right now and it's a great impovement over stock, most bumpsteer is eliminated and I get cooked pretty fast on a bike without one. Just checked the Denton site and noticed it's been updated recently...they have the rebuildable dampers for 160$, as where the non-rebuilds are 140$. If you go with this style dampner instead of the rotary style like the Precision or Elka (which are a step above the style that Janssen/Denton/etc sell), be sure to order a rebuildable. Extra 20$ and you don't have to throw it away when it goes out
i currently have the denton do you know how much it cost to rebuild it?
i got the denton rebuildable stabilizer bc its a good product and a great choice if you can not afford the $485 precision stabilizer
I rode a bike with the Precision a few weeks ago and now i have one on my bike. They are worth the money no question ........... I also have one left in stock and ready to ship for LESS then the $485.00 retail price.

I like the precision! I have one on my bike; however, I haven't had enough seat time on it yet.

Take care
I have the Precision on my bike and I can honestly tell you that it's something worth saving up for. I know $485 is a HUGE hit BUT...I can honestly say I have never had anything make such a drastic change on a bike as that product. I have carpal tunnel and some arthritis from beating my body so bad all these years in the construction I also get cooked pretty quickly riding hard and once I had the Precision installed I was in a different world...rides were longer and much more fun...didn't ache at night afterwards either...

SO save your pennies if you's a worth while investment ;)
I have a Denton steering stabilizer and it's a non rebiuldable one. Well hopefully it will last awhile, Cause with my riding time it should last me a couple years. Don't forget i might look at my quad once a week if i don't have to do anything on it.
Denton on my LTZ470 - vast improvement over no damper

Presicion on my LTR450 - vast improvement over denton

Precision vs Denton

P) adjust center line and corners - D) broad range adjustment
P) 12 settings for center and corner (24) - D) 7 settings
P) expensive - D) cheaper
P) more durable - D) less quality parts
P) needs rebuild every season - D) needs rebuild every season
I just dropped $480.00 on Precision today,I sure hope it was worth it .When it goes on I will let you know.Looking for handlebars now any suggestions and why?
Go with the FuelATV them on 2 of my quads so far and mucho happio with Steve's pick... :D
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