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Steel City Atva National

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how many here are going to the steel city national?ill be there number 30. not sure what class ill race yet depends on the running order. plus 25 , plus 30 , 265 a , 4stroke a , or production a . ill be in atleast 2 of these classes.hope to see some of you there
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I was going to try to make it but its not looking good... chances are I wont be able be in the race since my parents wouldnt be able to stay the whole weekend. I might work something out with a few of my friends and then we can go up sunday to watch the pro's... I live in the pocono's so 5 hours is kind of up there. I will be racing Unidilla in open B #57 white LTR and will be staying there the whole weekend
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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