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Steel City Atva National

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how many here are going to the steel city national?ill be there number 30. not sure what class ill race yet depends on the running order. plus 25 , plus 30 , 265 a , 4stroke a , or production a . ill be in atleast 2 of these classes.hope to see some of you there
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i went to steel city today!! man o man there was some sweet racing goin on!! keith little won it, jones got 2nd, and dustin wimmer got 3rd..gust got like 4th? he won the first moto but 2nd moto go tangled up and was runnin 18th and came back all the way to 6th! it was amazing! How'd you do jfarr? i didnt see you
i took second overall in 30 plus and i think 18th in 4stroke a.i did good on a on saturday but a wreck in the first turn on sunday didnt do so well on my injured wrist.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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