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Stadium Suspension Ride Review!

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Good story...

When the suspension comparison was going on there were alot of great shocks that came up, but one company everyone knew very little about, Stadium.

I also knew very little about them, and it turns out they are built in Quebec Canada, about one and a half hours away.

So after i read the comparison i never really looked into them, and nothing became of it. Not too long after i started racing the hare scramble series ( My first time racing, no one knew me, and i started beating finishing in the top 10, then the top 5 and ended up on the podium twice. But no one knew who i was, except for my body who works at a large ATV shop in the area!

So who do i get a phone call from, Stadium, they had been watching me race, and landing on the podium on a completely stock LTR in the pro class, and want to see how well i will do with their shocks. The first thing i thought of was this site and how no one knows this company.

Last night i drove up to see them, they explained what makes their shocks work, what differenciates them from the competition, and how the company works. I was extremely impressed, they are extremely innovative, i cant say enough about how friendly and knowledgable they are. And being a smaller company, they are geared towards EACH and every pair of shocks they sell to their customers. They ask about every aspect of your machine and how you ride it to make sure the shocks are spot on! You can also specify how you want your shocks built, progressive springs, dual, triple, quad rate, what kind of resivoirs (size, color and type), what kind of adjustments you want, what kind of hiem joints, ect. there is no part of the shock that cant be modified. For one customer they shaved 20 lbs off his quad by using all aluminum componants for flat track, now thats impressive!

They showed me how the shocks were assembled, how adjustable they are, EVERYTHING... they blew my mind!

So now my Staduim shocks are in the mail and im dying to try them. I should have a complete ride review up by the weekend of the 14-15. I told them today (wednesday) that im going to take them up on their offer and they will have them on my door step next week!! Impressive, the longest build time you can expect in their busy season is 2 weeks and they express post them to you. THey have extremely fast turn around for servicing shocks, they service any shock on the market, and are very good to work with. They also do dirt bikes, street bikes, snowmobiles and rally cars.

Right now ive never dealt with a shock company like this, and will get to ride them shortly. Ive ridden numerous different companies, and cant wait to add these to the list. With 23 years of experience behind them im sure i wont be dissappointed. Ive heard people talking about how fantastic they are but I will know for sure soon enough!

Sorry for the long story, but im very pumped!!
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