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Sputtering At High Rpms

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Ok guys. At first I thought it was my clutch slipping. I think differently now. In first second and third around say 7000rpm(will hook fimak up to it and tell for sure tommorrow) it just starts sputtering and will not accelerate anymore until you shift up a gear. Plenty of bottom and mid power. Will tote the front tires for miles until you get to a certain high rpm. In forth and fifth runs fine. The problem did not start untill yesterday when I put full yosh exhaust on it. Running pim on map for full yosh without sparky and without air box lid. Have not fooled with fimak except plugged it in and looked at it. Didnt change anything. My mods are listed below. Run 50/50 Sunoco 110 and pump 93 fuel. Guess will try putting stock exhaust back on tommorrow and tell yall what rpm range it starts sputtering with the fimak.

Thank everyone for there help

Michael Allen
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Do you have the key/plug in or not on the PIM?

You have a pipe now and it will rev faster... are you sure you're not hitting the rev limiter? You say it runs fine in 4th and 5th which will be harder to hit the rev limiter in. Makes me wonder.

Also the clutch could still be slipping in 1-3 gears causing it to hit the rev limiter faster than you expect and it may not have enough power to do it in 4-5 gears. Does your clutch lever have "play" in it?

Oh and a banshee loves sand and pavement so you were asking for it there. Thumpers have the advantage in the dirt where 2 smokers can't hook.

The plug is not in the pim that is correct? I will find out if I am hitting the rev limiter tommorrow with the fimak. What is the limit with the pim. My lever has about a 1/8 of play in it. Thanks Clone Anyone anwser these questions if they don't mind. Thanks for everyones help

Ok guys
Hooked up fimak and rode it. Guess the pipe is just making it accerate faster to the rev limiter. it starts popping at about 9200rpms untill about 10300(rev limit) right. Do I need to add or lean some fuel out in that range. I think it should accerate smooth until it hits the limit right? Any ideas would be apprciated.

thanks michael
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