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Sparks & Nmotion Dyno Talk

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Some more talk from this past weekend.

We got to see an Nmotion exhaust in person. Didn't get to see it run or on a bike... but at first glance. the primaries are much smaller than on the YFZ version. Its a clamp together 3pc model just like the others. The finish looks good And the muffler is full stainless just like the stocker except its shaped similar to the yosh. It should look very nice when installed.

In talking to one of the dyno operators about a sparks pipe we saw a few weeks ago out there..... he said it was quite disapointing..... Out here (over 1000' elevation) the Yosh holds the LTR on a stock setup at 49whp. I think thats Clone's bike. Anyhow he said the sparks only pulled 46whp. :eek:

Myself, I'm still holding out for the ron woods camp. I'm interested to see what the Nmotion does also but with its small primary piping, I really doubt its going to do as good as the current top 3. But you never know till its mounted and strapped on the dyno.
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I concur on this.....I was dissappointed on the SPARKS Dyno #'s. When he said 46 HP. i couldnt beleive it. Im curious to see the NMotion numbers. WIsh i woulda brought the camera to snap some pics. It looks really good though.
Nope...He said he was hoping to do it once someone buys it though. I did talk to him about DASA and Dyno'ing it when i get it in. Hes really intersted in seeing what it does. 49 HP it the most he seen on the LTR at little Sahara.
Yup i agree ..... one is always faster or slower. I bet a 3 hp swing is forsure possible.

And of couse the YELLOW's are much faster...
Hey ROB i didnt know you had a DASA...I ordered the same one from FUEL. Just waiting for it now. Ima shoot you a PM..I got some Q's about your set-up
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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