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Sound Clips

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can we some how get a bunch of exhaust sound clips together to see what they sound like?
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Ill get one tomorrow, i have the stock exhaust with baffle removed though..
Click for sound!

Sorry sound quality is not the best.
Hey is that a yosh full system on it? Sounds good man!
Nah lol...thats my stock pipe with my baffle removed
I was thinking only a newb would say that????????
No newbie here I joined shortly after this site started and was the first premium member on this site man! There wasn't much to talk about in the premium member forum when I was the only member for a few months lol! Just un-familliar with different exhaust sounds on the ltr... I still ride a 440ex! but may switch over soon! and I didn't notice the stock heat shield on the first viewing sorry. I still think that the LTR has a very distinct sound regaurdless of the exhaust.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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