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i apoligize (sp) about that whole doug gust thing.... the only reason i did it was back when i did it the fourms never seem to have been all that exciting.. and i thought i would try to spunk it up a little bit... i was gana say what i said and just let it die just to show excitment... then people started asking questions and shit hit the fan... and then yeah... i did it all in fun and just tried to help spreding some cheer.. :( BUT it didn't work
so yeah....

this is "lemon" or w/e u wana call me...

i just wanted to say sorry
i know i should have never done it but i apoligize...

and yfzryder... sorry if u ban me thats ur choice and i would understand if not i hope i could just put this behind me

im getting my ltr VERY soon and i was hoping to be a member of this site.. that would mean alot since u guys are the best....

i was even gana be a premium member... if i can stay i still would...

i hope u forgive me ltr450hq.... it wont happen again i swar :) and if it does u can ban me no if ands or buts about it i would understand

sorry for the problems i started.... im just asking for one more chance..

o and p.s if i can stay can i maybe have the name "lemon" back ?? :lol:

even if im not aloud thanks for all the stuff u guys have done for me .. and puting up with my questions

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I need an honest answer Lemon Digger Dust Bunny...... How old are you ?
way to be a stand up guy and apoligize for your wrong doings.... you might have to earn your "lemon" name back? not sure though as that was never discussed. my only advise would be to keep the profanity to a minium(sp) and you should be ok...

dj we were only at nine votes i thought?
Awww...let the wittle dude stay... :(
im 15..
im 15..
Damn.... off by 2...... When I was 15... I was all about practical jokes as well. That was 20 yeas ago.
Not much has changed. ;)

Guys what do you think ??

But..I think...It's a must,
that he keeps... Goug Dust.
Woohoo...what do I win? I guessed 15...or are you phibbing to us?

Welcome back lemon or W/E you want to be...just be cool, relax and enjoy the nutty guys on here and be one from time to time. Watch the site, many of the questions you ask have been answered time and time again. Good luck...
nah im really 15 i was born 4/8/91
1/16/90 ... pwnt
off by one damn. i say give him one more chance.
It's all good with me little man. Just don't piss anybody off again or the whole site is gonna have you by the gonads. :angry:
hahaha gonads.... ahahha
nah im really 15 i was born 4/8/91
Dang, I was a sophmore in HS. :(
dang you jus reminded me i was i freshman then. dang this getting old thing sucks...
I juz wants u 2 try n spel... :angry: I can see someone mispelling as not everyone is perfect, but to intentionally do it? Is it cool to act stupid and use really bad grammer, damn I must be getting old... :blink: I don't care if he stays or goes, maybe it's a new poll? :lol: All right he's 15 and he apologized so let him stay.
im used to talking on aim ware u just put u for you and all that other stuff.... sorry about that
Dang, I was a sophmore in HS. :(
I already had 13 years of military service. Now I know I'm old.
so do i get to stay?
i dont get really what he did wrong

He acted like he was Doug Gust. HMMM.
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