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So-cal Mx'ers Just Got Lucky!

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This is the first I have heard of it, but there is a new track planned for the Riverside area by the 91 and 60.

Chx the link

Looks like its going to be super atv friendly, cant wait!
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Doesn't Cali already have enough tracks
Doesn't Cali already have enough tracks
Thats just plain crazy talk, no such thing as too many
I dunno..."Dirt Junkie" just doesn't sound as cool... :(
Just when I thought today was perfect after hearing about a new track, I have TERRIBLE NEWS! I left work, grabbed the LTR, ran out to Elsinore MX park only to be told that the ECO-NAZIS have ruined life again for ATV-ers! Seems like they claim we create too much dust in the air, so ATVs are BANNED from Elsinore FOR GOOD :angry:

The lady at the shack was sorry, but to confirm we wont be allowed to ride there again, she refunded my membership $. Well F**k, that really sucks! Looks like the damn libs have taken away another freedom from us and it is only going to get worse. :angry:

Oh yeah, you are correct, 'Dirt Junkie' is waaaaaaay into dangerous territory! :)
that is why it is important to be politically involved, and at the very least VOTE!

Those slimeballs have taken over your state, and its apathy that keeps them going.
Sparky time. :bangbang:
It just really pisses me off when s**t like that happens, its always take take take, they never give anything, and its always people who dont participate in the sport who are the the killers.
theres an orginization that has a list of OHV simpathetic candidates to vote for. i forget what its called
That blows big time! I know there quite a few friends that are at that track all the time, and i was even thinking within the next month or so to give a track a try, pop my track cherry but i guess it wont be happening there
i go to that track all the time. in my opinion the reason they really closed had nothing to do with the eco maniacs but with city itself. cause if you have been there recently you must have seen the homes that are being constructed no more than fifty yards away from the quad track. do any of you guys really think they are going to let that track stay that close to the new homes, and yes the quads picked up alot of dust. imagine the new home owners coming out to their cars and finding them covered in dust, and imagine their house window, they couldn't even leave there windows open. i'm not standing up for the eco maniacs but i don't blame them in this case. i blame the people who are building those homes, they are just trying to make more millions, they can careless about a bunch of mx riders, hell they are building homes on a flood zone. and i don't think it'll take that long before they have the city close the track entirely, because the dirtbike tracks are all still open. so believe me when i say i'm pissed, that track is only one minute from my home. sorry for writing a novel. one last thing they said they are still going to quad races there.
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My other friends who ride bikes dont get that its just a matter of time till the whole track is closed. those homes are super close, but with the cost of new homes in Orange county, there is really no other place to build, at least I am making $$$ on equity with the flood of peeps out to the area.
Its so stupid, they take these activites away from kids... Kids then have nothing better to do and join gangs, tag, do drugs, and corrupt society...are they retared? The reason i have never done drugs/ gotten in big trouble is because i ride and it gives me something to do...

If the sierra club had it there way, they would probly have kicked adam and eve out of the garden of eden

:bangbang: Sierra club and all its supporters..

:scoot: :scoot: :scoot: :scoot: Sierra Club :scoot: :scoot: :scoot: :scoot:
Join a cause to protect what riding areas/ race courses we have left. Glamis, Pismo, Ocotillo, Dumont would all be alot smaller if not for groups like BRC, ASA, CORVA, Sahara Club (not Sierra) or Ecologic weren't around doing the things their doing. Food for thought in Kalifornia. They help to protect our right to ride/race!
I support the ASA, All the way! We have a give ASA sticker on my trailer. I want to get one for my LT-R
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