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i did a oil change on my bike its was the 3 one i did. and win i started it there was smoke so i turned it off checked the oil it was good. so i let it run and it was smokeing still it did it 4 like 5 min whats the deal? the oill level is good. but the oil that come out of the bike smelled like gas.
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lol its kool i put 400mil in the side and 1500mil in the tank. the oil was 10w40
no i had it on a stand! i didn't check the air box yet but i also cleand the air filter at the same time as the oilchange and there was no oil in there and the bike did not smoke at all befour the oil change. im goimg to start it up in the Am and see if it still does it.o and be for i did the oil change there was some metallic looking ish on the dipstick. i hope its not what im thinking that bad news! and the anti frezz is on the low line.
no the smoke was comeing out of the pipe
well i started it up win i got up but didn't ride and it did not smoke at all so i donno im going to be going rideing illl keep u all in formed.and i don't have much time on the bike i changed it every 10hr and i didn't put to much in thats what i thought win i first started it up.
ok i went rideing yestereday the bike did grate tell the pigs showed up. but there was no smoke thank god . so i donno y it did it at first start up but it seams fine now. but i still want to know if it is norm for the old oil to smell like gas?
1 - 7 of 26 Posts
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