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i did a oil change on my bike its was the 3 one i did. and win i started it there was smoke so i turned it off checked the oil it was good. so i let it run and it was smokeing still it did it 4 like 5 min whats the deal? the oill level is good. but the oil that come out of the bike smelled like gas.
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Not trying to make you sound like an idiot. But lets start by eliminating variables. You put oil in oil tank AND right side case? What weigh oil did you use. How many qaurts total?
ok. did you tip the bike?
This could get ugly quick...check the airbox and see if any oil residue is in there...
that was my next one, unfortunately :(
I am with yimmy...I thought it was:
White = Coolant
Grey/Blue = Oil
Black = fuel

But I am getting old and memory is one of the first to go!
2nd thing to go! thats why they have viagra...for the 1st. In your case your advanced age you may need one of these suckers.

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1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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