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Show Us Your Lid...

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Yea yea...I'm bored...let's see what ya's mine...Troy Lee Henry...I think it's pretty cool...I would trade in a minute for some kind of "Jester" helmet...if someone made one...

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It's actually pretty easy...just open a account (free)...hit the search button...locate and upload your pic...copy the bottom address of the pic...paste the address in the reply box...TA DA!

hell if I can do it...anyone can... :p
Not even necessary anymore ;)

Can simply upload images to our site now using the "file attachment" button below your post box when posting.

Really easy to do... if you absolutely cannot figure it out - read:

Read my post in that thread...also go into detail about listing images in at certain parts of your post instead of all at the bottom of the thread

Sounds much more complicated than it is
Let me see if it works...
Hey...thats how they do that... :p
Easy huh? Who wears a rolex under the hood nowadays? :p

I decided to try and keep it in the 130$ range, after wrecking two helmets over the 300$ mark. Not quite the same flair or comfort, but it gets the job done without cringing after every rock bounces off my head
I've wanted to pay to get a custom helmet done up for a while now, but I've gotta take the time to sit down and sketch out what I want done. Wouldn't ever ride with it, just put together a plexi-frame and put it on display with a few other things around here.

Cody Anderson got a helmet custom painted in tribute to Kelly Chang soon after he passed that came out just awesome. There's a picture gallery of it here:
Here's one of my trusty M2Rs holding up to a good beating... the motor locked up in midair on the old Dale...ended up being a nasty wreck[/b]
Well...that pretty much sums it up in itself :huh: Youch...
1 - 4 of 141 Posts
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