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i have a question for you guys i was wondering what kind of shocks i u guys recomend for mxin besides the fox and elkas
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TCS ........ with some Long Travel A-arms from FUELATV

I recommend those also...I have them and they are GGGGGreat!...I'd show you some pics but...that guy^^^
has my bike... :lol:
TCS makes a nice product, I will stand by their equipment any day
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I've rode alot of brands and always end up back on Custom Axis.
yea i was thinking about getting ohlins pep axis and doesa any one no how much ohlins are for the front
Tcs is a nice shock axis and pep olins of coure are all good shocks. If your interested I can get a bit of a deal on motowoz and also kb motorsports is a dealer now i have been running motowoz all year exelloent shock and there second to no other on the market. Just do some research you will not to be able to find any neg. feed back on these shocks. good luck with what ever you buy.
I would like to hear more info on the motowoz shocks, anyone have any info please share.
PEP would be my choice. Theres a good right up on this site about each shock and its characteristics. Check it out, good info.
Theres a good right up on this site about each shock and its characteristics. Check it out, good info.

Morgan is correct, P.E.P is top of the line stuff!!! Just a bit leary on customer service sometimes? Hello Wayne, hello? Anyone there today? Hello? Try to talk to Ron if he's still there, he's been around Quad stuff for awhile! Otherwise talk to Mark at Baldwin Motorsports- P.E.P East,LOL.
It will depend on the type of shock you want to get into and skill level, and of coarse $$ situation.
P.E.P- zero preloads are kinda geared toward the "A" to Pro level riders I guess. P.E.P does have other types available also, with or without piggyback rezzies and ect...
Ahh anyways yes check that thread out for sure gooooood info!!!
Ohlins are available in a general build from Parts Unlimited so using them, you might have to find a shop to custom tune, like P.E.P does for each application and so on, ect... ect... or buy them from a custom builder.
They have Mike Hallock working with them and the Factory Yamaha Quads, Mike started Custom Axis and sold it to Penske Racing Shocks a few years ago I heard in an interview on another site.
Yes there are quite a few ways you can go nowadays, but back in the day it was P.E.P,then Custom Axis, then TCS got in there and still is good stuff.
Decisions, decisions, well at least you have a few options now! :lol:
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Good info.

PEP makes a Race Series, Limited Mass, ZPS 20 click, ZPS 8 click, and ZPS ARC 8 click.

Wayne is a VERY hard man to get ahold of, but when you get him he will answer all your questions. Theres a reason why he stays off the phone though, and thats PEPs volume. With only Wayne, Ron and Chuck, its hard to keep up for the west coast. And Chuck does the machining all day long. For sure call Mark, he can take more time to get you what you need. And Wayne does ALL the build sheets for PEP shocks, so you get the man. There are some PEP horror stories on wait time, but they are getting better. The longest Ive waited for PEPs was 4 days. But it helps to know people I guess. I think the longest Mark usually takes is 3-6 weeks.

Axis is a great shock as well, but valved to slow for me. But I will say that Axis went way down when Mike took off. I guess it doesnt help moving across the country.
TCs is the way to go! The've grown alot and are getting into the sport fast.
Hey philly the web site is should give you info on the product i also have some pics of my yfz i if you have specific questions just ask and i cand do my best to answer.

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I had gotten some PMs about PEP info, so here are a couple pics of our bikes with PEPs. Hopefully those with questions see these and they will answer some of there questions.

My TRX has 8 click, compression only.
Our Hybrid has 8 click ARCs.

Heres my 05 race bike, with Aixs dual adj. Good shocks but I had to run the rebound all the way out for the shocks to keep up with me. Uncomfortable at times.


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Heres one that shows the ARCs better.

And PEPs new baddest of the bad.


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Well yeah, send them back and have Wayne up the rebound a little bit so they are faster on the way back up
or don't you want to have to wait to long? Oh thats right you have an in with someone there correct?
I know Wayne watched my shock action at the first National I had his new rear shock installed on my quad and he said yeah "I'd like to take that shock back with me to Cali. and up the rebound about 20%", I said yeah whatever, if you don't think it's right, fine. He said "I think the rebound is not keeping up to your ride ability" it needs to be faster coming back up. Talk about customer service,WOW!!! He took it with him I guess on the plane back to his shop(this was almost 10 years ago so no threat of terrorist shit yet, to get the shock stuff on the plane) and sent it back b-4 the next weekend of racing! Then again don't bug him at his shop, OUCH!!!
The Axis are long gone.

All our PEPs have been spot on.
ahhh shit you were talkin' about your axis shocks. well yeah they would have slower rebound probably. That stuff about Wayne taking the shock back with him is for real though!
I believe it, thats how he is.
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