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Sandjunkies Quad ?

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hey sandjunkie do you have any pictures of your quad, like all around ones. I saw some under the fiber pics that you do. but i mean like ones that are all around and all ? I hope i said that clear enough :huh:

i saw your mod list and i was intreged but going through all of your posts started to make my eyes tear so i figured i'll just ask
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dont you have a trinity ?.. you have 2 pipes?

i would have fibered the trinity that would be awsome... but hey im probably going to send you alot of parts for you to do
o.... how much for it , ? and how much for it if i ordered it with junkie fiber raped around it ? maybe i'll pick it up early before i go and get the ltr ahahahaha
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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