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Sand Sports Super Show Part Treux...

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My fingers are getting tired...

AND my 2 favorite babes in the world...

Thats all folks...whew...
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out of all those pics you didnt have one of the Pro Armor Rhino?!?!?! PUNK! i see how it is.... :bangbang: junkie
Did it have elephant ears too? :lol: Just kidding.
Ouch! man both you guys are grillin me! NO ears though, just a new Rhinocraft suspension...(uh-maz-ing!) And by the way i was putting together that Yellow LTR we had cause it was going to the crusher, any ways, i measured the stock heel guards to the ones on our fat pegs...they are the same size! I had to take a second look cause i thought ours were bigger, but nope, pretty crazy huh?

Punk?... :lol: :lol: :lol:

He's a bitter little hedgehog isn't he?... :p
Who you calling hedgehog, fruitloop?
from the old or the new movie, cause the orange guys were pretty cool!

and you remind me of a lame monkey that poops on himself....except your not lame or a monkey, you just poop on yourself!
im not on medication, my mom said they are just vitamins to make me strong
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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