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Rumor I Heard This Weekend At The Track

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Hey whats up guys....I heard someting this weekend at the track that didn't make much since!!!! They had a guy tell me that some people with the LTR's are changing over there EFI to Carb......Is that true, or was this guy was a complete dumbass???
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The only benefit to putting a carb on the bike is, you can blame improper jetting as an excuse for not winning the race! ;) The only reason I can imagine someone would do this is if they wanted to eliminate the battery completely and mount a kick starter! Why would someone do that, I don't know?
It has one.... there is no way it could work without it. Everytime the pump came on without starting the engine, it would overpressure hoses and whatnot without a regulator. It is bolted to the bottom side of the tank. :)
Adjustable fuel pressure regulator!!! More fuel pressure more power.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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