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Ride Report Of The New Build...

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Momma finally got a chance to try out all her mods this weekend...

From stock with CRBM, no lid and sparky out to....

DASA pipe
Trinity with cut/drilled air box
Precision stabilizer
Flexx Bars
Fuel anti vibe stem
IMS pegs/heel guards
Pro Armor nerfs

And the report:

"It feels OK"!

Good heavens, what do I have to do? Well, my report, awesome! Steering feel and control was greatly improved and the Precision took that twitch out caused by the ribbed front sand tires and tracks in the sand...the pegs and heel guards also helped tremendously with control! Power was improved...

I felt I could ride the LTR much faster through the whoops and for longer then with the previous build.

Now, when we rode together for our 1 ride this weekend I let her lead because I like to watch body positioning and technique (yes, to provide contructive criticism) and she rode much faster the entire time then she ever has! I was so impressed with her...when I commented on it she said I do not feel like I am going faster...sure, because you have MORE CONTROL NOW! Ahh... ;)
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Nice write up ...... i let the wife ride the LTR now she wants one.
Same :rolleyes:
You guys actually let your wives out from in front of the stove????

Not like I have a choice. The stove is on the other side of the world!
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