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ok i need help making a resume to send to companies...i dont even know how to go about doing it if u guys could help me out or post one of your own i would really be happy.
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PM me your email address and I'll send you a copy of mine.

I just worked with the career development office of my school and so mine is up to date and the format is correct.
I was a graphic designer and I would make custom ones and usually get good results with a full color flyer style resume or a brochure style resume.
Don't send out a cookie cutter resume. Do some research on each of the companies you are sending resumes to and customize your resume to what they are looking for. Too many people send out bulk resumes and get no results as it is just a generic resume and none of the key words the company is looking for is in the resume. Normally a cookie cutter resume doesn't even get past the first cut.
next time im at my design computer which is still at my parents house, i will post some pics of the resume. Im not sure if I will make a resume this year or not. I really dont have a lot of pics of my ltr...just a bunch of me on a borrowed 450r and about 185 of me on the dale.
sounds good 454...but does anybody have a resume i can see? i dont even know how to do one up

thanks alex(SP) i will also take that good bit of advice and use it
Plenty of links here:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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