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Rekluse Clutches?

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I had one on my '03 CRF 450 and it was nice. I was wondering if anyone has used one on a quad? Arm pump is kicking my arse on the track especially coming into a corner when I have pull in that damn clutch :smiley_gun:. It bet it will help in the air if you leaning back and need to level up.

What are you guys opinions?

Rekluse website
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Just installed it on mine and went riding this weekend... absolutely love it. Granted I'm a newbie here and new to racing it is definately a great feature to have.

I found myself killing the bike going down steep hills and locking up the rear. This will be a nice way from holding the clutch in while going down hills since that will fry the engine - parts are still moving with the clutch pulled in.

The principle of a Rekluse clutch is centrifugal force. With the engine spinning faster, the ball bearings in the clutch expand to the outside thus disengaging the clutch and making you go forward.

The Rekluse clutch does require maintainance to ensure that the gap spacing is not exceeded. Overall install is not difficult, just a lot of little parts. (3 out of 5)
I thought that pulling in your clutch lever would do the same thing as the Rekluse when it is engaged by centrifugal force. What is the difference between going down a hill with the clutch in or the Rekluse engaged. I also do not know how you could fry the engine by going down a hill with the clutch pulled in? :huh: :wacko:
I just gear her down when I go down hills and don't pull the clutch in, unless I want to speed up or bring the revs up.
As a duner the rekluse in the LT-r450 is the shee-it! :fro:

Works amazingly well for tooling around, climbing hills, drags you name it...

You just forget about the clutch entirely...

And if you put it in 2nd gear it will engine brake fine down a hill...

I've only jumped a little with it but it was money well spent for my wife's bike.

Those that are naysayers have probably read stories on the web, you have to try out a bike with one properly installed. NICE
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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