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recent pics(its getting there)

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well as time goes by more and more parts start coming my kandk graphics and some bars(not on yet) and holeshot sx's(going on a set of hipers).still waiting on my nerfs , bumpers , and stuff from ac.

ill get some better pics if it is nice out tomorrow.kinda dark in the garage
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That looks sweet J!
That thing looks wicked best looking one I have seen yet easily! Why did you not enter the quad of the moth contest on here?? Is that a K and K ltr graphics kit or another kit that was modified looks great I assume it is a ltr kit and they must have just released them?? :arrow:
thanks guys!i will enter it .just been kinda waiting till i have all the parts on it although they keep getting pushed back.i should have most everything next week.all im really waiting on is nerfs and bumpers.yes that is the new kandk graphics kit for the ltr.
Looking great Farrar, can't wait to see pictures of everything all pieced together
where did u got those number plate on the rear?
i cut them out of black number plate backgroung.imade them a little wider than stock but should have went a little more so i didnt have to overlap the numbers but still looks cool.the little S suzuki stickers i picked up from a local zuk dealer
those graphics look sick on your LTR, where did you get them at.
you should race malvern this sunday( its 15min south of canton)...ill be there and u can race against this local on a ltr...and maybe u could let me ride it:-D
i hate malvern!i rarely go there they just do not take care of the place.we'll see how the new owners do hopefully it steps up a lil.have they changed the track any?i race more of the d12 tracksthen i do the cra.just better tracks
Originally posted by drysdale450
those graphics look sick on your LTR, where did you get them at.
got em from kandk atv.they have a few sets on ebay.they are sweet kits
yea its a lot better now that catan has gotten his hands on it...they groom it every ten moto's now and the jumps arent backwards anymore...everyone who i've talked to who's actually raced the track(ive been forced to only watch) says its 20x's better than last year...also they made the track 30 feet wide everywhere..
thats sounds promising.i will try to make it down there soon
i put my quad in front of the turbo heater and got he plastic warm then slowly peeled them off.sitting it in the sun on a warm day should do the trick
Heat Gun works well also! and jfarrar still think yours is one of the best looking LTR's I have seen yet... Love Those Flames!
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