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Rebuilt Stock Shocks

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How many of you guys have had your shocks redone. I would rather spend the extra money on hp, if revalving the shocks is a good deal. I don't hit huge tables but I definitely can tell the stock shocks are a little off. Just wondering.
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Told ya Jay! I love what john did for my shocks I got them black anodized. He told me that it would tighten up the tolerences on them adn last a bit longer before I needed them rebuilt. I had mine set up for fast trail riding and small mx stuff. they work like a charm. the guys I went riding wioth last weekend were getting all beat up while I was just glideing through the woods I didn't think the trails were that rough till I jumped on one of the guys hondas. I almost had to knock him off my quad to get it back LOL B)
Can someone post pics of there shocks they had rebuilt?

Sorry if you have and I can't see them my internet blocks some stuff.
Rear looks stock but I had the fronts anodized black! If you can't see these I'll direct post them.

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Interesting read but he doesn't know the name of our quad...
I still call it a "quadracer" not LTR. so a small "whats its name" should not really concern most. Like John said over on the builder he puts these shocks through his dyno so I trust him. And what he did for my shocks I'm a believer.
724-336-3293 <-- his #...tell him alan fox sent you
No tell him armoks sent ya LOL. :p
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