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Rebuilt Stock Shocks

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How many of you guys have had your shocks redone. I would rather spend the extra money on hp, if revalving the shocks is a good deal. I don't hit huge tables but I definitely can tell the stock shocks are a little off. Just wondering.
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I dropped off all three shocks for revalving and respringing service by Works as I thought about I-shock but they are only doing single rate springs, and I am having Works do triple rates fronts and single rate rears. Since I race W.O.R.C.S series style racing I'm not going to a zero preload but for you duners or MX track only people out there that would be the way I would go dropping that front end about an inch. The whole package for all three (triple up front, single in the rear) shocks will run about $800.00 plus tax. A deal when you think about it because they are fully adjustable already and now set for your weight and riding style. You have your choice of spring color (black, red , white, or that ugly powder blue) for the bottom spring color all top springs will be white. Since I have the white bike I went with the red springs with the white upper springs and a red spring in the rear. I should have them in two weeks.
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1 - 1 of 69 Posts
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