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Rear sprockets?

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Does anyone have a line on them yet I think the magic combo for all around is going to be 14/38 I know 14/36 is to high and 13/36 is to low hell I am 6'2" 240lbs and I can sit on the rev limiter even in fifth(before anyone tells me its bad I dont). :shock:
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Do you MX or Joy ride? Im running a 13 tooth front and love it. I can use the powerband a lot better. Guess its my riding style. Power seems a lot more abrupt kinda like honda's when I made the change. Suits me on the track. I was just wondering no threats or negative vibes coming from me!
Have you tried a 14 yet? I just got the new 2006 Tag cataloge and they have LTR sporkets in there.
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