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Rear sprockets?

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Does anyone have a line on them yet I think the magic combo for all around is going to be 14/38 I know 14/36 is to high and 13/36 is to low hell I am 6'2" 240lbs and I can sit on the rev limiter even in fifth(before anyone tells me its bad I dont). :shock:
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Originally posted by varmint
Mainly joy ride I put the mods on except for the intake before I even rode it but its funny before I bought this and even now on other forums people talk about the LTR not having enough bottom end and that makes me think they havent rode one, it seems to me just by the ass on seat dyno it needs just a little more top end and I think 14/38 would be perfect.
I am with you and stated the same combo after our first ride! I think it will be either 14/37 or 14/38 with 21" paddles.
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