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Rath Racing Nerf Bars???

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where to get them a at cheap price!!!!very nice nerf but a bit pricee!!!!
i need them shipped to champalin ny 12919 ASAP

i need those CUZ I HATE MY AC'S....not enough room for my feet, i it very difficult to ride standing on the pegs!!!!

i found them in our sponsor's site but they whre MORE expensive then rath racing store????
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Send a PM to Kyle. He is one of our sponsors here from the Cernics crew. Hes a great guy and has good prices. I got my Raths from him.
Buy them from Rath directly if you want but, Kyle saved me about a 100 off Rath's price. You do the math :fro:
Make sure you call him though, that isnt the price I got mine for.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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