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well guys here is my bike , ill be doing a big rally here in the middle east , called the UAE desert challenge , its 2500 kms ( approx 1550 miles ) long throught the dunes and desert of the UAE in the empty quarter not so far away from the Saudi border, its six days long and you got to carry fuel to finish 250kms ... i did it once before on a raptor 660 , it was tough but great fun , its gonna be a whole new challenge on the ltr , i hope she will last... fingers crossed
all the stuff was ordered from Fuel , he helped me out loads with getting parts , going out of his way to get little bits and pieces from here and there that he did not stock just to make it simpler for me, cause it can get really tough trying to get parts shipped over here to the middle east , really appreciate it Steve
anyways here are the parts on the bike

FueL black bumper (gotta look good while racing)
Fuel black anti vibe stem (both excellent products real happy with them)
Precision Damper( transforms the bike ,best money ever spent)
IMS 3.8 gallon tank
twist throttle
PRoArmor full exhaust system (excellent pipe by the way )
Pro design intake with foam filter
Free cherry bomb (present from Fuel)
Prm swingarmn skid
PRm chassis skid
Acerbis handguards
Renthal crHI bars
Rath Racing nerf bars andheel guards(beautiful fit and finish )

Parts waiting to go on are
Fuel graphix kit
Hiper beadlock wheels
ITp holeshot xct tires (if they will fit without hitting the rath heel guards) if not then stock raptor 660 tires
gunnar kill swith
Acerbis dhh headlight
Ertf GPS system(pre programmed race routes that are released each stage with a code given at the start)
Touratech Roadbook scroll reader (will mount on a bracket that comes up from the front shock mounts to the steering stem clamp)
Sentinel device (alarm and flashing led lights warn you of fast approaching competitors coming from rear)
Iritrack device (sattelite tracking device so the organisers of the race know where exactly you are at all times)
ICO trip meter (for the roadbook distances)
PRM sixpack rack (converted to toolbox and will carry 2 litres of emergency water)
most importantly 2 extra aluminium fuel tanks will be mounted on the nerf bars with a support going up to the chassis carrying about 8-10litres on each side... these are still being designed and built right now

enjoy pix guys and i dont normally ride without my lid and safety gear but i was being a clown and couldnt resist for the camera... kids always ride with a helmet and long trousers at least...


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let us know how it holds up though, id like to see the bike with all those mods too

good luck

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Hey Dakar, your set up is looking good. I wanna ask you couple things though. What are you using for communication with your crew? What are you planning to bring with you (racing survival kit). Are you planning on taking anything else off the bike. Asking these questions to educate others on the ins and outs of baja racing (enduros). Also have you looked into getting tire balls?

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nice bike how does that pro armor exhaust sound?
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