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Race Ready

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Okay for all you racers out there I want to know how you get yourself in "Race Ready" shape prior to an upcoming race? Explain some of the training or disciplines you put yourself through to get yourself in the best possible shape. Looking for some tips on eating, (Energy) exercise habits, how long until you start training prior to your races, etc. so that you can share with the rest of the good folks on here.
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Actually all i do is sit around like a couch potato and never do anything.
WEll here's what i really they do
I try to ride as much as possible and maybe run the same track and do a few practice moto's. Drink alot of powerade, gatorade, water, some fruit juices and stay away from pop. And last try to stay in shape and do some stretches.
Totally forgot, this is very important, Right before u race do some thing that pumps your Adrenaline. Don't know about u guys but when i practice, then stop, then go ride again, i feel really weird and can't ride as fast until i get a few laps in.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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