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Quickness? And Power?

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we wend to the dealer today. and well its not going as planed, i went and my dad seemed like o wow this thing is awsome and i was happy... i looked at it in white ( i think im going white ), and when im in the car he said dont get ur hopes up.... i have enough to pay it off and all that he said it was to much power? is it to much power? will i be able to handle it???? he says i cant what do u guys think ? is it hard to handle urs and all or is it just like riding a quad...
i know if i pop the clutch in anygear it'll pop up but besides that whats it like?
having some of this info would be very helpfull,

i really really want one bad and i can get one if i wanted.....

and ( i'll put 2 questions into one post )

whats the diffrence between the 06's and the 07 when they come out should i just wait?
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im 15
i way like 180-200
my blaster
trails and fast tracks ( starting to go to atco )
this is the son ............. he might read this later
ive only been riding for about 1 year u think thats long enough? i went to the dealer again today and uhhhh its better this time......... still only the white one..... i think i might change my mind to yellow though... my brother and his friend said its bad for the trails is it? cause of how wide it is?
so u dont think it has to much power for me?
i was just looking for some input before i got out and get one :(
thanks i think my dad said i can get it.... from just reading the replys u guys are great
1 - 9 of 31 Posts
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