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Question About Stabilizer

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I just installed an SRP stabilizer on my quad and it seems kinda funny to me. I installed everything the way the instructions listed it but it seem that the shaft sticks out of the front of the quad further than it should. My predator w/ denton didn't stick out like this and neither does the one on the YFZ. I'll put it to you like this... If I were to wreck into the back of someone, it would probably hit the shaft first! So if anybody has pics that they could post for me, I would really appreciate it!
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I would ABSOLUTELY love to buy a Precision steering stabilizer as I have had a stabilizer(not a precision) before and am a believer now. But I can not spend over 400 clams on a stabilizer. I also will not buy a stabilizer that I can hang my hat on :p That is just not gonna cut it for me with that shaft sticking out the front. I'm not an engineer, but I think I could do better than that. I will have to either wait for PEP to make a decent piston type or not have one at all and spend an extra 15 minutes in the weight room after work to make up for the arm pump ;)
are you talking about flat track type stabilizers if so we make them dirt cheap for the LTR we just got done with mine
We are not talking about a-arms stabilizers, but if you are actually talking about a steering dampner of some sort, post a pic.
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