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Recently bought a 2006 ltr450 and need help getting it fully figured out. First off ill start with what mods are done to it (that im fully aware of):
  1. Hot cams intake cam.
  2. Pro circuit T-4 slip on. (assuming stock header)
  3. Moto Works cherry bomb? (see pic attached)
  4. Aftermarket air box with lid removed.
  5. Swirl filter delete w/ inline filter replacement.
Now for the issues i am having....the quad will bump start fine (had weak battery so decided to bump start) and it seems to idle well when it wants, but if I give it any sort of throttle it will kill itself immediately. It also seems to like it better when the choke lever is in the full down position (unaware if that is considered choke ON or OFF). Last night after idling for about 2-3 minutes the header began to glow red. I had the head apart to inspect cylinder, piston, etc. Everything looked perfect and seemed to have very low hours on the engine (noticed it has a vertex piston in it). Putting head back on, I ensured timing was correct (it was perfect) and all valves were well within specification (after a little adjustment). I made sure that the hose coming off of the throttle body was connected to the sensor on the sub-frame.​
I have a couple theories as I have owned one in the past and fully rebuilt the whole thing:​
  1. Air fuel ratio? Maybe the idle air screw is turned way out or in too much? I read on a forum here that it should be set roughly 1 5/8 turns out? (I know manual calls for a vacuum gauge to be applied and set it to a certain r/min but I do not own one to do it that way.)
  2. Could it be starving for fuel? Maybe dirty injector? I also thought that maybe the inline filter that was installed to replace the swirl filter could be the incorrect size? (which in return would restrict fuel flow)
I have videos of it idling and being bump started behind the truck from last night if you would wish to see them just let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am eager to get riding more before winter appears...​


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