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You ever notice when it comes time for QOTM Voting we get alot more members. :lol:

And somehow the nearly stock ltr450 with nerfs and street tires is closest to the lead compared to all the more modified quads except for one so far. :unsure:

I don't mind you guys asking your friends and stuff to vote, but tell them to vote for the one they like best, not yours "unless they like it the best". Next months voting will be alot more secure, at least 15 posts and must type in the one you vote for. Since Sand Crusades is giving away videos to the winners now I think it needs to be more secure.
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I disagree with the 50 post limitation. I think as long as they are registered members and have more than five posts then they should be able to vote. You have to remember that there are people who like to read but dont like to post very often. I for one would be disappointed if you "over-secured" the voting. Other sites with QOTMs don't seem to have to secure their voting like you are suggesting.
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