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Pwr Radiator Is Now Out

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Well here is the link to the radiator on ebay.
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Yeah i got set up with PWR awhile back when i built the TRX250R. I will have price and delivery on Monday. I asked about the set with the Radiator and oil tank in one a few weeks ago. This would Eliminate the stock oil tank. Then the radiator would be alittle larger then stock. I will check on those again too.

i would be interested in the one that eliminates the stock oil tank.keep us posted please
Someone buy it ....... j/k ... maybe someone can send him a message on ebay and ask if it is in stock?

waiting on a reply....
got the reply.heres what i got

I just double checked with PWR, and they are on back order. They sold everyone they had in the last week. Wont have one availible for a few weeks sorry.

i dont think they should be allowed to have a buy it now on an item they dont even have in stock unless it is noted in the description.
and he is working on painting the fan chrome and making a 12volt spinner out of cool is that?
1 - 4 of 52 Posts
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