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Pros And Cons Of 10" Rim

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Bought 21 X 12 X 8 7 paddle haulers on 8 X 8 rim, 68 rollout. When I put them on the bike, the just barely clear the heel guard, and I really don't like riding withoout one. I am assuming that these tires will GROW, when you put speed to them and I don't want to ruin a new pair of tires Spoke with Joe at Fullertons (great guy again and as always), and he is sending me another set of tires but on 8 X 10 rims. So my question is, what will be the difference, both good and bad between these tires on these two different rims. <_<
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What i would do is get a 20" tire and put it on 8" rims. That way you still have the drag setup and you can clear the heelguard without a problem. I totally hate 10" rims, i will never buy a set with those again.
Ditto... 10" wheels "sink" more in the sand. Like they were saying, a 8" wheel has more tire and helps "float" on the sand instead of trying to drag through it.

I went to a 21x12x8 Brat from a 20x10x10 hauler and kick myself in the ass everyday for spending the money on that size hauler. My Brats are a night and day difference. :fro:
the guy is giving hima 10in wide wheel, not a 10in in diameter wheel......

making the wheel wide will change the diameter of the tire slightly, but shouldnt do much to performane....
[/b] bad, read it backwards. :fro:
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