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First I would like to say thanks to Junkie for starting the ball rolling with this idea.

We need everyone's help. Anytime you start a new thread with a "problem"....stay on it. Follow through with what you started.

Once you get it fixed.... tell us It's fixed. Then tell us How you fixed it.

Typically -- that thread would drift into the abyss...never to be seen again.

After that last post --- hit the report button.
The guys are going to store it into a new forum ---- "Problem Solved".

It will be our database of problems AND answers/fixes for quick reference.
It WILL work great if everyone helps out.

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Usually this is where I hijaak the thread... :p

All kidding aside yes this is exactly where I was wanting my idea to go...I'm glad it got organized...props to the site owners and DJ for getting aggresive and coming up with a plan... :D

It will be exceptionally helpful to not have to wade through MY senseless posts just to find an answer to your problem...

And if I read ONE MORE POST asking "how to hook up my kill switch?"...I'm just gonna feel the need to go kill someone :angry: ...most likely some goofy looking GNC rider or whatever they are called...

Great site...feel honored to be a part of it's growth...the best part has been actually getting to meet some of you whackos...nuff said ;)
Agreed...maybe part of the sign up process?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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