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So, I took apart whole bike and put it back together. I'm not getting power to injector. I cleaned wiring harness when it was apart. Things I've tried already. Tip over sensor siliconeed, tried three different injector plugs, fuel is making it to the injector but not spraying when I turn the key on. The bike did fire up when I sprayed steering fluid in the intake. Fuel pump is coming on when I turn the key. Tps sensor is good and working as it should. 0.66 I believe was the number. Need help finding problem. Thanks in advance.
I'm having the same problem except I'm getting votes to the fuel injector but I'm only getting 8 votes when I turn the key and the pump is priming and only 2 votes when I'm cranking the engine over, please if anyone has found the solution or knows of something we could check please let us know 🙏
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