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Well I was pretty sure I had a bad battery from the get go. It would die after sitting for 2 weeks and near the end it would die within a week of sitting. I even had the dealer check it out when I had the frame recall done. Well today I decided to take the battery out and take it down to Advance Autoparts where they put it on their machine. It charged for about 15 minutes and then started testing the battery under load. Sure enough it was bad.

My Honda/Suzuki dealership had already closed and neither Autozone or Advance Auto Parts had a replacement that would fit the battery box so I went to the Yamaha dealership which stays open until 2:30 on Saturdays.

Long story short the battery cost me $90. If I didn't need the darn thing so bad I would have looked at the model number of the battery and bought it online.

Here's the YUASA part number:


I just put the battery acid in and have to wait an hour before I put it on a slow charge overnight. I think this will solve my problem. :laughing7:

Now I'm going back to my dealer to see if they will replace the battery. It's out of the original warranty and under the extended warranty. I haven't looked to see if the extended warranty covers the battery and I wouldn't think it would but I'm going to get that sucker replaced by the dealer one way or another as I had this problem and pointed it out to them when it was still under warranty and they told me the battery was fine. I'll use the spare battery to hook to my LM1 for when I'm tuning.
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