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Does anyone know how to do the oil change on the precision stabilizer. I have called precision and they told me to e-mail them for the instructions on how to do this. I have now e-mailed them twice with no reply. Its been two weeks since I have been trying to find this out. I dont want to send this thing in if a oil change is what it is needing.

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Never tried to service it. Most shock places, and a few other shops (I know BNR) offer a service for like $30.

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I've done mine twice and turned out ok, it's a pain to get all the air out of them. I think it's Motul 5w shock oil. Unscrew both adjusters then drain the oil. Put the oil in a squeeze bottle and using the o-rings as a seal, force the oil in then slowly rotate the piston, repeat till no bubbles come out.

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Oil changing procedure for customers
Temperature is critical; you will need a room that is
between 70-75 degrees F
You will need metric wrenches, Motul 20w Expert fork oil, a
squeeze bottle to force the oil into the stabilizer, antiseize
1) Remove the stabilizer from the quad and separate the
stabilizer from the mounting plate
2) Clean the stabilizer
3) Back up the adjuster screw until they hit their stops
4) Remove the 2 flathead screws from the bottom of the
stabilizer and the o-rings that they seal on, if you
have trouble removing the screws carefully tap on the
back of the screw head with a punch.
5) Remove the old oil from the stabilizer by turning the
cover side down and rotating the lever from side to
side. This will force the oil out of the 2 screw
6) Put the stabilizer’s bottom cover pointing up; rotate
the lever all the way to one side.
7) Use the squeeze bottle to force the oil into the 2
screw hole one at a time; you may want to put the orings
back into the counter bores for a better seal.
You can also use the squeeze bottle to draw air out of
the stabilizer as well.
8) Slowly rotate the lever all the way to the other side,
move very slowly so you do not draw air into the
9) Repeat steps 7 and 8 as many times as needed to remove
all the air.
10) Once you have filled the unit and removed all the air
re-install the o-rings and fill screws into the bottom
cover using anti-seize on the angle of the flathead
If you have a PRO unit you done and can reassemble your
mounting hardware.
For the Standard unit continue on.
Checking the oil level and bleeding the excess oil from
the unit Standard unit only
11) In a room at 70-75 degrees F and the stabilizer at
that temperature as well; turn the 2 adjuster screws
full clockwise and wait 5 seconds or more. Back one
adjuster out 2 full turns, wait another 5 seconds, now
slowly turn that same adjuster clockwise until you
feel resistance from pressure building in the unit,
this should happen between ¼ - 1 full turn from
hitting bottom.
12) If you never feel any pressure build you will need to
ad more oil, return to the filling procedure. If
there is more then one full turn of pressure before
bottoming then you will need to let some oil out of
the unit. To do this leave the adjuster at the point
where pressure is first felt, crack open one fill
screw with the bottom cover pointing up. Turn the
adjuster screw clockwise to push a drop of oil out of
the screw hole.​
13) Re-tighten the fill screw and re-check the pressure.
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