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!!!powercoat Is Coming Off!!!

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Hey guys its me again....Look at this pic and tell me what you think it is....I had practise the other day and I got home the next day and washed it....And I noticed all this shit!!! It had a bunch of black stuff on it and some spots the powdercoat is gone...Also look a little futher down at the I think that is the fuel line are something....But any way it has a bunch of white spots on it that want come off and some also got on my frame too....But tell me what you think....Try to look over the water spots I got so mad when I seen this I forgot to dry it off!!!!
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My paint is coming off too! But mine is coming off on the top part of the cover. Of course it probably is coming of faster by using a pressure washer. I'll get some pics later and show u your not alone.
Was there any soft asphalt that you may have run through? Some chemical ate that away for sure. Either that or it's battery acid. Supposed to be a sealed battery but you never know.
I agree with AL ... it looks like something "splashed" on there.
Thanks guys....I forgot all about the battery being right there.....I bet ya thats what it is!!!! When I get home that the first thing I'm going to check!!!
I agree, something has eaten that away.

Up on the soap not pressure wash your atv! Do not even use your water hose with the jet stream (small very strong stream) WILL penetrate the bearings. Only use the shower type stream on your water hose...
Wow...thats does indeed suck...on the flip side...we can cover that in some Junkie fiber... :lol:
Had somthing similar in my z happen and after the last race I have noticed it starting to bubble on the r. I remove and checked the battery after each washing as part of the wipe it dry and check for stuff procedure after each washing and the battery was perfect - no leaks. I think it may be stuff blasting it from below causing nicks then it just kind of bubbles and flakes off like bad skin fungus-LOL. I think the carbon junkie fix would be great solution and the fungus a great reason to add the bling.
And there you have it... :lol:
Thanks guys....I'll just have to check out some things that ya'll said....
I think its something that got on it from riding and sat on it for a while then when you did wash it, off comes the paint. For those that feel that pressure washing a bike is bad, well this is another K&N vs. foam, white vs. yellow thing. I use a pressure washer with a nozzle marked soft (pressure washer has three nozzles) and I have never had any problems. I am sensitive to the radiator and do maintenance the bike often. I know commen sense has a play in everything. Give someone a pressure washer that has no common sense and yes your asking for trouble. Sorry didn't mean to hijack this thread, but I guess I did. :huh:
For those that feel that pressure washing a bike is bad, well this is another K&N vs. foam, white vs. yellow thing.
NOTHING personal ---- but I am gonna' have to disagree with that comparison..... the MAIN thing Rob is talking about....... is beating dirt into the seals. Doesn't take many sand/dirt grains to tear it up.

The WORST thing to do is pressure wash an O-ring chain --- how many are guilty of that ?
I used to do it...until it was explained to me.
I pressure wash all of my stuff I own!!!! Now saying that I only hit the body with it....I make sure that I don't get to close to anything....I know alittle is going to hit the motor and some other parts but not enough to worry with....I'll just send my cover to junkie and let him fix it up for me!!!!
There ya go...I'm here for you brother!... :D
Well usually don't spray my chain, but when i do clean a O-ring chain i just move the nozzle farther away and put the pressure down.
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