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Power Commander?

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I went to the website and they have it listed....does anyone know anything about it?
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"the website"? I know nothing about it, can you post a link?

found it

I've still not had time to pull mine appart. I've got it loaded in the trailer already and going riding this weekend. hopefully next week, I'll tear her down and see if I can't open her up.

Rumor had it early on that the ECU was going to be chipable..... We might be able to just use even a basic rom editor once we figure out which fields do what.
They only thing they told me is that the cost is going to be around $339 and it won't be available for a couple of months.
My friend has a 2005 Suzuki 700efi king quad with an HMF slip on and a k&n and the power commander made a big difference on it! He also has one on his 2004 GSXR750 with a yosh full pipe amoung many other things and it made a huge difference on it as well! From my experience they rock! :eek:
im new to this efi stuff so i was wondering if i could get some tips

i have an old laptop with windows95 in it that i dont use any more i was wondering if i could download a program into that and get a usb port connection to the ltr

and is this power commander that same thing as the yoshi ems kit
I called a couple days back. They told me it would be available mid March. Im on the waiting list too.
I called them today to see if this was ready yet and they told me that it will still be another month :evil:
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