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Power Commander With Accel. Pump!

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I bought a PC and had it tuned for a DASA pipe, pro-design intake (k&n), no airbox lid, with accel. pump feature enabled. I don't have the DASA on yet...but I took it for a few "hot" laps up and down a trail. All I have to say is DAMN!!! Talk about a boost in low end!!! It might be running a tad rich without the pipe on but I didn't ride it for more than a few minutes. The accel pump feature is amazing. I am going to adjust it to my riding style when I get the pipe. Just plug in my laptop and tweak tweak till I can't hang on! For those of you who don't know what the accel pump feature is, its like an accel. pump in a good carb. It squirts a shot of extra fuel when you stab the throttle and it mixes with the rush of air. It helps a lot on bottom end when you need that extra "thrust". I know a few of you will say that the fuel inject. will automatically inject more fuel when the throttle is stabbed...from experience I can tell you that there is a moment where the a/f is lean because the air is sucked in so quick the fuel has to catch up. This feature "helps" with this condition. Anyway... It would be nice to see a shootout of the EFI tuners. Price, adjustability, ease of use, customer support, ect...

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How do you enable this accel. pump?
You have to download the program from the power commander website, it is only available for the PC 3 USB series commander.

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