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Power Commander 111

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ok im going to order a efi controller. i am looking at the power comander 111 whoever has this hows it working out for you? i was going to go with the pim but then if you want to fine tune then you have to get the fimak. so i think i am going with the power comander. i have a lap top so i could down load different maps if need be.any thoughts or ideas please help a brother out im clueless with this.
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I like the PC but I usually buy everything twice... :(

I think your gonna find it to be a matter of preference...I talked it over with my engine builder and he said the same...they both accomplish the same thing..just each takes a different route to get to where your going...I have the PC and it is fairly simple to download and/or make adjustments to the program...and they now have plenty of maps for the LTR with more arriving everyday...just click and call it a day...IMO... :D
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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