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Porting And Flow Charts

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Since I have been involed in the last porting and cam topics I have been doing some thinking about what has been going on in this industry in regards to cylinder heads and all of the great secrets of engine building.

If you are a member of this site, and you would like your cylinder head flowed I will flow your head and send it back with a detailed flow chart. Pm me for a drastically discounted member price.
If your a member and would like your head ported, I will port your head, and send it back with a before and after flow sheet at no extra charge.
For those of you who do not completely understand what all of this porting flowing is all about, drop me a pm or call me at the shop (later in the afternoon please, lol) and I would be happy to give you a strait shot on what all this mess everyone is talking about on the internet means.
I think its time to introduce a new set of numbers to the internet for disscussion. I know when I ported heads for the automotive industry, that if you wanted to buy a set of heads for your 2000 hp engine, your damn sure going to know what the heads flow and what kind of parts were in them before you handed over $10,000.00

ATP Racing
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What kind of port work are you offering? How many heads for the ltr have you done? How much money are we looking at?
We are currently working with several customers with LTR's. We have enough data at this time to suite most any of your riding needs.
[attachmentid=628][attachmentid=629]Here is a bit of eye candy for you from one of the mild port jobs.
Pm me for pricing
Pm me for pricing
Here are a couple pics of one of our Honda heads.
I agree, nice looking work ATP. Now lets see them SSR's :D
Thanks everyone.

370, SSR?
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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