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Iam writing a paper for english, and was wondering if a car or a quad pruduce more pollution. Thanks a bunch.
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If we are talking about a new car and a new quad, both have to meet EPA standards as far as emissions...then a car gets less miles per gallon than a the car naturally produces more emissions and/or smog. Just by sheer numbers alone there are more cars than quads so cars would produce more smog that way also. Hey hope ya get an A+ on your assignment. :rolleyes:
thanks for the info, and well the reason iam doing it on quads is becuase my techer hates them. So just about every assinment i do has to do with racing, quad of the year, or somthing of that sort. Thanks agian
It also depends on what kind of pollution your refering too. There is obvisouly noise pollution seeing as no one abides by those laws, federal and state.

2 Strokes also spit out emissions. I know in California we have red sticker and green sticker bikes. Basically any 2 stroke built after 2001, I think not 100% sure on the year, is a red sticker bike. It can only be ridden between the months of August and May, so not at all during the summer. 4 Strokes can be rode year round.

2 stroke jet ski's have also been banned from Lake Tahoe due to the oil they were spitting into the lake. I'm sure if you check out some DMV or Emission related sites you will get some good hard facts.
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