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Plastic Cutting.....yeah I Know .......again

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I have been tooling around cutting my fenders and I love a lot of the different variations that I have seen on the forums. I am planning on doing a cut job like the one I have seen on Kracker's and a couple others for the front.

Heres my question though.....

What about the rear fenders? Has anyone come up with a design to cut those without losing the forward hole? (I need that for my Rath Nerfs lol) And more importantly, is it wise to cut the rear fender and what riding applications would it be more worth it to cut there.

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If you are gunna be riding anything other that dunes, dont cut the rears.
Here is a rear fender cut. You could do something like this without cutting the hole.
I meant the hole in the front (gone in the photo) not the one in the rear. I also ride all over not just dunes so I guess I will just have to leave them as is.
other than you guys have any reason for cutting fenders?
other than you guys have any reason for cutting fenders?
Not really... I mean there is the potential wieght saved because that's one less place for dirt/mud to cake onto. When I use to race 7s I would crawl under my truck between moto's and beat the mud off to cut down on wieght. Use to save me about 100-200lbs on the hole shot depending on how much water was layed down.

(7s is Stock Mini Trucks)
There are added benefitsto cutting plastics. If you are running drags or any kind of very dry, fast racing they can be cut for less wind drag. If you are gunna be anywhere muddy or rocky, you will not be very happy with cut rears.
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