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Places To Ride In Alberta

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hey i am a canadian eh and i live in alberta and i am wondering if anybody knows any good places to ride here..................i have been to brule lake in hinton and it has some sick hills
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Hi, another albertan here. Where abouts do you live? There are a few good places I know of to ride. Brule by Hinton is one of the best that I can think of for our quad. The sand along the Athabasca river is sweet. I went riding in Nordegg (about 1 hour southwest of Rocky Mountain House) a few weeks ago and although its really nice out there it really isn't suited to the LTR. Too much muskeg and shale rock and stuff.

I live in Edmonton and there's a couple of places nearby that are not too bad. Enoch Indian reserve is one. Drive southbound on 215 street South of the Whitemud. It'll be on your right hand side. Ya gotta open a gate but there's a few neat little dustbowls. Also there is a track at the Budweiser motorsports park that is open tues and thur for open riding I believe. I haven't actually been there though.

Vinca bridge is another place that's not too bad. It's about 45mins from Edmonton by Fort Saskatchewan. Nice hills and trails there. I can't remember the exact directions there though.
hey i live like an hour away from edmonton (Smoky Lake) and i go 2 the one by vinca bridge quite often maybe i will see u there and we will have 2 show all the other quads up lol :p
I usually go to bruderheim or Brule...those are the best places around here for our quads ....also heard that Vega is supposed to be alright
[/where is vega
Somewhere by Westlock.
what is it is it a track or a sand pit or what?
where is this place.......nice pics :D
It's in Southwestern Alberta along the BC/Alberta border (Crowsnest Pass). This is by far my favorite place to ride. :D I would have toke more pictures, but I usually don't stop long enough to get the camera out. It's a huge riding area with trails in both Alberta and BC. My favorite ride there finishes atop two mountain peeks, were an old WWII bomber plane crashed. Most of the plane still remains there.
Next weekend is Thunder in the Valley, which is includes the best fireworks show in Western Canada.
CanadianQuadracer u should go down 2 brule lake in hinton the sand hills are by far the best ones iv seen in alberta and there usually isnt 2 many people B) last time i went we only saw like 4 quads and 2 dirtbikes there
brule lake sand pits were shut down this year because some clowns couldnt put there garbage in the proper places :angry: . We dont have to many places in alberta where we can do the kind of riding our quad is made to do so please put your garbage in the garbages
hey... im from out by strathmore alberta... there are some awesome trails at mc lean creek or waiprous... ive been going out there for years and the ridin is awesome... but most of the time i just ride at my track or coollees around my crib
Do you no the andersons from strathmore?
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