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Pipe Shoot Out Update

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Well i got the HMF pipe yesterday ..... thanks HFM you guys rock. The Pipe looks BAD AZZz. It is an oval type canister similar to the Two Bros. , but it has a trick looking tip that bolts on the end cap. The canister and tip are also powdercoated a transparent blue. Great looking product. Looks like we are running about a week behind right now. New date for results will be 5/22/2006.

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Sorry no pictures. I just opened it up to take a peek then off to the Dyno shop. You should be able to see it on their website. The tip is the one on the Iron man and ballance series. The HMF website also has a chart to see all of the colors. Like i said looks REALLY good now lets see what kinda HP this thing puts out.

Got the Pro Armor pipe yesterday. Looks good, but ALOT like the Trinity. So here is the final line up......

Trinity fulll system -Sandjunkie

Yoshi full system - FUELATV

Two Brothers full system - Raffle tickets

HMF full system - HMF......thanks HMF

Pro Armor full system - Pro Armor ..... thanks Pro Armor and rathrbridn

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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