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Got a call from Garrett at Yoshi on Wednesday and received my PIM on Friday.

FIMAKs are supposedly 2 weeks out.

The PIM has a sheet that shows each map. I'll go to my store tomorrow and scan it all into a PDF and post the maps as well as the installation instructions. I also have a call into Yoshi to try and get a copy of the two maps that are already in the bike for comparison.

The PIM does replace the CRBM which tells me that it raises the RPM just like the CRBM did. I'm trying to get Yoshi to send me the maps that are already programmed in the bike so I can compare them to what the PIM has.

There is a jumper you plug in to access one of two maps in the PIM. This is interesting because you can have two maps programmed in the PIM and switch between the two by turning the bike off and either plugging in the jumper or taking the jumper off.
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