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Pictures of mmoreno's LTR

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Here we are ladies and gentleman, she's a beauty :D

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Wow, look at that thing compared to the z400 in the first pic!
Damn thats sexy... More pics please! Action pics also :D
Looks Great. :idea:
When did you pick it? I'm glad to see they are finally making it through customs.
Thank god the reflectors are gone.
No way! in CA surfer dude voice.... and so it begins
I cannot get over how bad ass the blue one looks.....
I cannot get over how bad ass the blue one looks.....
Other good news "thankfully", team suzuki is actually running white and blue again for nationals, instead of yellow which everyone is thinking, woot!
THANKS to MXQuadRacer for posting those photos.
The Z400 was mine, now its the wifes bike. The Z400 is a great bike to ride, but I really like the lower and wider stance of the R450.
Sir, I dislike you with a passion......nice quad
MMorneo, how sturdy are the fenders mounted if you remove the heelguards completely?
What is with everybody who get's one just sticks it in there garage and thats it, GO RIDE!!!!!! and get us a dam full review on it!!!!!!!
must be intimidated :) :arrow:
When I get my white one It will only be white for the ride home! then once again after a trip through the pressure washer! Know what I mean? Hell I might miss a few days from :eek: The first one who gets an ambulance ride from one wins! Ride hard or buy a utility! lol
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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